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Dmitrieva Tatiana

Hokkaido University,

Exchange Programs in Japanese (JLCSP)

The study abroad program changed my life unexpectedly. I got an unforgettable experience here in Hokkaido. My goal was to improve my speaking skills. However, not only is my Japanese skill better now but I even level-upped myself as a person.


Hokkaido University turned out to be the best place to study! The campus is gigantic and full of nature and I saw foxes on campus several times! I fell in love with that green campus.


There’s plenty to do in Hokkaido. You can have fun in the snow in winter by skiing, relax watching snow in an open bath (yukimi rotenburo), or get a tour and see whales in the sea. Until March, you can enjoy the penguin parade which is just adorable!


But the greatest thing I ever got is exchanging with different people. I became a member of a martial arts club (bukatsu) and every moment there was so wonderful! I expected I will have fun studying abroad but just look at this! I was hiking in the mountains for 2 days (Youteizan), living in a Japanese house, helping farmers with huge horses (banba) in the mountains, selling street food during festivals, and all of this alongside natives and people from different cultures! I was improving my Japanese skills and myself as a person every day in Hokkaido. Here I tried out things I have never expected to see or touch. I’ve made friends with people from all over the world and I am so grateful for having such a lovely 1 year. It has made me feel enthusiastic to attend a Master’s program here.

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